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2021年05月14日 3035

"Aerial Silk Road" Drives Henan's Opening-up Efforts



On the desk sits a model of Cargolux's cargo flight, which Bettel, prime minister of Luxembourg, calls the "national treasure". 8,249 kilometers away, a B747-400F all-cargo flight painted with "City of Zhengzhou" (prototype of the model) sits on the parking apron of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (Zhengzhou Airport) with engines roaring, and is ready to take off.


An all-cargo flight operated by Cargolux at Zhengzhou Airport. [Photo: Deng Fang/Henan Daily]

At 2:21 am on May 13, loaded with 1.02 million test kits and medical supplies, it (CV9752) left Zhengzhou for Budapest. To support the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Zhengzhou-Luxembourg" international cargo route has never stopped operation.



In June 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping reached an important consensus with Bettel for further cooperation in finance and production capacity under the Belt and Road Initiative and construction of the "Aerial Silk Road" from Zhengzhou to Luxembourg.



"Now, this route has become a vital lifeline for Luxembourg and other European countries, which is not only an air bridge for timely help, but also a road of friendship connecting all countries in the world." Four years later, Bettel gave the highest praise for the "Aerial Silk Road".



With the "Aerial Silk Road", we make more breakthroughs.



With the acquisition of 35 percent of Cargolux Airlines International by Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd., Henan has boosted its first international first-class all-cargo airline.



With the launch of the "Luxembourg-Zhengzhou-Chicago" route, Henan has boosted its first intercontinental air freight route with the Fifth Freedom.



With the cooperation with Avia, the world's largest trader of regional jets, for the establishment of financial leasing company, Henan has boosted its first professional financial leasing company.



With the inauguration of Luxembourg Tourism Visa Delivery Service (Zhengzhou), Henan has boosted its first service platform for applying for tourism visas to Luxembourg in Henan.



With the operation of BAA (China) Training Center, Henan has boosted its first pilot training institution for air freight.



With the "Aerial Silk Road", we run faster.



"I still remember that all those bronzes were excavated at the Erlitou site." When referring to the "Origin of Chinese Civilization - Exhibition of Cultural Heritage Treasures in Henan", Vincent Hieff, consul general of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Shanghai, still vividly remembered his experience with such a route. In November 11, 2018, 145 pieces (sets) of cultural relics unearthed in Henan were transported to Europe by Cargolux's cargo flight, becoming a batch of unique "treasure passengers" shining on the "Aerial Silk Road".



At the National Museum of History and Art (Luxembourg), visitors can experience the brilliant Chinese civilization, while on the shelves of Zhengzhou's supermarkets, quality products from all over the world are popular. Cherries from Chile, beer from Germany, health products from Australia, etc., have become common among the citizens in Zhengzhou.



Wieger Ketellapper, vice president of Cargolux, has calculated the logistics time, "It usually takes about two hours to upload and unload the goods." The "No. 1 currency" in international trade is time, and just two hours is enough to move the world in and out of here.



With the "Aerial Silk Road", we make more friends.



A promising figure: In the first two months of 2021, Cargolux Airlines International totally made 107 trips hitting a record high of 21.3 thousand tons of cargo throughput with a year-on-year increase of 228.1 percent on the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg international freight route.



With the joint efforts of Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd and Cargolux Airlines International, an air freight network taking Zhengzhou as its center and covering the whole world is being continuously improved. Cargolux has extended its cargo flights' trips from 2 every week to 14 at Zhengzhou Airport with 8 air freight routes to Luxembourg, London, Budapest, Chicago, Atlanta, Milan, etc., covering 14 cities and major developed economies around the world.



With the wider "Aerial Silk Road", the world is getting closer to Henan. Such an "Aerial Silk Road" is a key to understand an open Henan.

世界到河南的距离越“走”越近,河南到世界的路越“飞”越广。读懂了这条“空中丝路”,也就读懂了开放的河南。(中文来源/河南日报 翻译/赵汉青 审校/陈行洁)


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