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2019年06月18日 13407


A Luoyang Doctor Performed Zambia’s First Coronary Angiography



On Friday, the 20th Chinese Medical Team will return home from its mission to Zambia. In the local area, however, a “medical team does not leave.” Ning Diao, the CCU director at Luoyang Third People’s Hospital, performed Zambia’s first transradial coronary angiography and coronary stenting, which was reported by CCTV. Besides, she also organized a coronary intervention team with surgical experience for the local hospital.



A few days ago, on CCTV’s international channel, the “Chinese World” program broadcast a news -- “Chinese Doctor Makes a History, Performing Zambia’s First Coronary Angiography and Cultivating a Group of Local Students”. The 44-year-old Ning Diao was the chief surgeon.



“I feel so excited and proud to be on CCTV.” Yesterday, Ning Diao sent it to the reporter from Zambia via WeChat. The 20th Chinese Medical Team, headed by Luoyang medical institution, set off for Zambia last May, and Ning Diao was one of them.



Ning Diao achieved many “firsts” during her stay in Zambia for more than a year. She performed Zambia’s first coronary angiography, transradial coronary angiography and coronary stenting, and trained a coronary intervention team with surgical experience for the local hospital.



What CCTV reported is a coronary angiography performed by Ning Diao for a local patient, when she just arrived in Zambia.



The patient is a tall man with chest distress, shortness of breath and intermittent chest pain, who has been treated by local doctors for coronary heart disease and ischemic cardiomyopathy for many years. At that time, the symptoms of chest distress and shortness of breath were aggravating. Through examination, Ning Diao found that his left ventricular end-diastolic dimension is more than 80mm, and normal people should be less than 55mm. Whether his symptoms were caused by vascular problems or his heart problems?



Ning Diao told the reporter that coronary angiography can be used as a routine examination in China when facing this symptom, but it is a big challenge in Zambia. “Zambia is short of medical resources and surgical supplies.” Ning Diao said that in China, coronary angiography is usually performed via the radial artery, meaning that the radial sheath will be used to perform the operation on the wrist of the patient. However, Ning Diao and her partners searched the interventional catheterization room and warehouse of the UTH hospital, but did not find the radial artery sheath except the femoral artery sheath left by doctors from other countries during the interventional operation of congenital heart disease. Finally, even Ning Diao tried her best, she could not find all the surgical consumables needed for the whole operation.



It means Ning Diao will face huge challenges during the operation -- There is no way to monitor the pressure waveform in the patient’s arteries during the surgery, and she doesn’t always know exactly how the catheter tip is in the patient’s heart, which will increase the risk of surgery.



Besides, since the local medical staffs lack relevant experience, Ning Diao has to communicate with them repeatedly before surgery. Finally, with the cooperation of her partners, Ning Diao successfully performed the coronary angiography for the patient, which was the first coronary angiography in Zambia.



Apart from the poor medical conditions, there are still many local challenges. The stress of work made her ill. After returning to China for treatment and rehabilitation, Ning Diao returned to Zambia again with the coronary angiography equipment specially prepared for her.


“我们医院这个举动真的很赞!我返回赞比亚不久,就为当地患者实施了赞比亚首例经桡动脉冠脉造影手术、首例冠脉支架置入术!”宁雕自豪地说。援赞一年来,她和伙伴们还带出一批当地学生,为当地医院培养了一个有手术经验的冠脉介入团队。(记者/李韶萌 通讯员/耿梅 王小燕 编译/赵汉青)

“Shortly after I returned to Zambia, I performed the first transradial coronary angiography and coronary stenting for local patients.” Ning Diao said it proudly. Over the past year, she and her partners have also trained a coronary intervention team with surgical experience for the local hospital.


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