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【双语新闻】京豫两地首次5G连线 河南中学生与全国人大代表“面对面”

2019年03月12日 23266

京豫两地首次5G连线 河南中学生与全国人大代表“面对面”

Henan Middle School Students First Talk with the Deputy “Face-to-Face” via 5G Technology between Beijing and Henan


The first 5G connections for Henan delegation, the middle school students as the “Little Reporters”


On the afternoon of March 10, at the Convergence Media Center of Henan Provincial People’s Congress, five middle school students from Zhengzhou Foreign Language School were gathering for a heated discussion, expecting the upcoming interviews.



This is the first time to realize the technology of 5G connections in the history of the National People’s Congress with the synchronization between the two split-screens. After the introduction, the student Jiang Yushan said, “We are so excited to be the first to experience this new technology by meeting with the deputy in this form.”



Dialogue with the NPC deputy, “Rural Revitalization” takes up new looks for rural education



“This year, you proposed to provide a certain share of the 1-trillion-yuan education funds from the central government be used for the construction of the temporary accommodation for rural teachers, so as to further retain the rural faculties. As a deputy to the National People’s Congress, why do you particularly concern the rural education?” the student Lin Kexin asked Wang Zhongli at the Convergence Media Center of Henan Provincial People’s Congress.



“On the morning of March 8, President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, participated in the panel meeting of Henan delegation of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, and distributed further arrangements for rural revitalization and the tasks of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. I was present at the panel meeting.” Wang Zhongli said that while the urbanizing speed grows faster, the rural education should be further strengthened. More talented people should be recruited to join the faculties in rural schools to fully revitalize the rural education.



This is a lively politics lesson



At Beijing Henan Plaza, said during the interview with the reporter from dahe.cn, Wang Zhongli said: “This is a lively politics lesson. I’m so excited to accept the interview today. The middle school students are a very important group, and you have given a new vision to the children of Henan province. It is also an innovated technology for them to talk face-to-face with the deputy.” 



Zhang Shuhao and Li Mingyang, the students from Zhengzhou Foreign Language School, were very excited after speaking to the NPC deputy. “The innovated technology is indescribable.” Zhang Shuhao told the reporter that it was the first time for him to have done something “sacred and interesting” on such a formal occasion, and this rare opportunity not only opened his vision but also inspired his passion on  politics.



The first 5G holographic broadcasting in China & the “Smart Henan Provincial People’s Congress”



The 5G “holographic live broadcasting” is just one side of the polyhedron feature of the Convergence Media Center of Henan Provincial People’s Congress. On November 12 last year, the General Office of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People’s Congress and the Henan Daily Press Group reached an agreement to build the Convergence Media Center of Henan Provincial People’s Congress. With the “Central Kitchen” system of the Henan Daily Press Group, the in-depth integration of the traditional publicity method with the new media such as the NPC website, Micro-blog and WeChat will be promoted. This model is unique in the NPC system of China.


未来,“智慧人大”工程将建成全方位互联互通、公众广泛参与的一体化在线服务平台,推动人民代表大会制度与时俱进,在实现中原更加出彩中贡献人大力量。(记者 许会增 张楠 编译 张培君 赵汉青 审校 焦丹 播音 郑州外国语学校李硕 海报 胡瀚泽)

The “Smart Henan Provincial People’s Congress” is an integrated online service platform featuring all-dimensional connectivity and wide public participation. It aims to advance the system of people’s congress with the times, and make contributions to make Henan more brilliant.


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